Taylor Swift donates $113K to Tennessee LGBTQ advocacy group


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — Music superstar Taylor Swift says the efforts of a Tennessee LGBTQ advocacy group
to fight a handful of contentious bills moving inside the state’s Republican-controlled General Assembly
inspired her to make a sizeable donation.
According to the Tennessee Equality Project, Swift donated $113,000 to the organization on Monday. The
group posted a handwritten letter from Swift, who cited a recent petition of Tennessee faith leaders who
oppose a series of bills they say target LGBTQ individuals.
Swift praised the religious leaders for giving all people a place to worship and for "standing up
against the ‘Slate of Hate’ in our state legislature."
The bills include allowing adoption agencies to discriminate against same-sex couples and preventing
government agencies from considering a business’s nondiscrimination policies when selecting a contract.

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