Church Events: 06-10-11


Pastor Luke Ulrich’s sermon Sunday at Abiding Word Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "Getting to
Know the Person and Work of the Holy Spirit."
Guest speaker Ken Borland will bring the message Sunday at Bowling Green Alliance Church.
Evangelist Harold Driver’s sermon Sunday morning at Bowling Green Church of Christ will be "A
Generation That Knew not Jehovah." The evening service will be "The Choice."
Rev. Mack Armstrong’s sermon Sunday at Cloverdale United Methodist Church will be "Surprised
Samaritan Sees Salvation."
Interim pastor Gene Wyse will bring the message at both services Sunday at First Baptist Church. "Do
I Really Need to get Along With You?" will be the morning message.
Rev. Brent Pomeroy’s sermon for the Pentecost service Sunday at First Christian Church will be "Born
of Fire and Wind."
The children will be presenting their annual spring program Sunday at First United Methodist Church. It
is called, "That’s So Daniel," and will be directed by Jo Ascunce.
The sermon Sunday by Curtis Miller, pastor, at Grace Brethren Church will be "Pocketknives, the Word
of God, Royalty and Priests."
441 Quartet will be leading the service Sunday at Plain Congregational Church with songs and
"There are Some ‘Good Energies’ out There," will be Rev. Eric McGlade’s sermon Sunday at
Trinity United Methodist Church.
Pastor Larry Whatley’s sermon Sunday at Turning Point United Methodist Church will be "Is Your Fire
Still Burning?"
The sermon by David K. Boswell, minister, Sunday at Village View Church of Christ be "Ready to
Serve: Yes, Lord, Yes." The worship service time has been changed to 9:30 a.m. for this week only
as the mission team will be departing after the service for a week of mission in rural Appalachia in
southeastern Kentucky with CrossRoads Missions.
Dr. David Lindeblad’s sermon Sunday morning at Wood County Baptist Church will be "What Happens to
Children When They Die?"
Preacher Dan Horner’s sermon Sunday at Bradner Community Christian Church will be part 18 of his series,
"I Don’t Know Know Know Him, but I Love, Love Love Him."
Pastor Dean Durant’s sermon Sunday at Faith United Methodist Church will be the final from the "Full
Armor of God" series, entitled "The Sword of the Spirit."
Pastor Dale Smeltzer’s message Sunday at Christ’s Bible Church will be "Teaching Children About
Jeff Kempton’s message Sunday at First Presbyterian Church will be "What do You do Best?"
Liz Bostdorff will be the guest preacher Sunday at Haskins Community Church.
Pastor Chad Huebner’s theme Sunday at St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "More Than
"A Violent Wind," will be Pastor Rick Adams’ message Sunday at Hoytville United Methodist
Pastor Ron Shinkle’s message Sunday at Lemoyne Baptist Church will be "The End of Time."
Pastor Jeanne English’s sermon Sunday at Zion Lutheran Church will be "Authority Matters."
"Receive the Forgiving Holy Spirit," will be Pastor Andy Wilson’s sermon Sunday at St. Paul
Lutheran Church.
"A Violent Wind," will be Pastor Rick Adams’ message Sunday at St. James United Methodist
Pastor Ralph Mineo’s sermon topic for Pentecost Sunday at St. Luke’s Evangelical Lutheran Church will be
"How Does God Give?." The adult class will focus on "Paul to the Churches: Rejoice in the
Lord," the 84th in a series of 100 essential Bible passages.
"Spiritual Disciplines in the Letters of Paul" is the topic for the 7 p.m. Bible study on
Pastor Matthew Musteric’s sermon Sunday at Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "Feet That
Bring Good News" as the congregation celebrates Pentecost.
Rev. Bruce McDaniel’s sermon Sunday at Christ United Methodist Church will be "Knowing God."

Preacher Larry Garzony’s sermon Sunday at Rudolph Christian Church will be "Seeing Myself From God’s
Pastor Daniel Beaudoin’s sermon Sunday at St. John Lutheran Church will be "Receive the Holy
Spirit." At the 10 a.m. service there will be the Rite of Confirmation for six young church
Pastor Robert E. May’s sermon Sunday at Stony Ridge United Methodist Church will be "Rivers of
Living Water."
Pastor John Randall’s sermon Sunday at Sugar Ridge Community Church will be "Have a Good Trip, See
You in the Fall."
Pastor Mark Montgomery’s sermon Sunday at Calvary United Methodist Church will be "Deadly
Tontogany Presbyterian Church will celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit and take a special offering
for children and youth in the area and nation who may be at risk.
"We are Pentecostals," will be Rev. Mark Kuhlman’s sermon Sunday at Wayne United Methodist
Pastor John Merseth’s theme Sunday at Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church will be "Jesus Kept His
Promise, He Sent the Holy Spirit."
Pastor Chris Boggs’ sermon Sunday at Sonlight Christian Assembly of God will be "Victory Lane for
Abraham and Sarah will meet June 17 at 6 p.m. at the Iron Skillet Restaurant in North Baltimore.
Rick Broughton’s message Sunday at Weston Church of Christ will be "What is Prayer?"
The church’s annual picnic will be held at 12:30 p.m. at the Bowling Green City Park Hoffman shelter.
Rev. James Stewart’s sermon Sunday at Weston United Methodist Church will be "The Holy Spirit Gives
a New Vision."

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