Bradner town pool to be afloat by July


BRADNER – If all goes well, the village’s swimming pool will open July 1, just in time for midsummer’s
scorching heat.
Members of the pool committee presented information during council on Thursday, including its projected
opening date. They recommended the pool’s hours be 1 to 8 p.m. each day.
Councilwoman Linda Wildman said the committee talked about a per-person gate admission of $3. But she
noted if a family has four children, and all of them use the pool each day, at the end of the week the
family would have spent $84 on gate admissions.
"Who can afford that?" she asked, and urged council to come up with a less expensive
Several members recalled family passes in 2008 were $175 which were good for June, July and August.
"You’ve got to cut-rate it," said Wildman.
"You can’t give the store away," countered Fire Chief Jim Smith, who recommended keeping the
family pass rate at $175. "You’ve got expenses out there. You’ve got to think of that as well. You
just heard the clerk say you’re down $26,000."
He was referring to Fiscal Officer Jan Stump’s report the village’s income tax collection was
"$26,000 behind at this point."
"It’s not giving the store away," responded Councilman Marvin Smith. "Opening the door and
saying, ‘come in and swim free,’ that’s giving the store away."
Several suggestions were made to reduce the gate admission costs. Councilman Brett Linkey took a reduced
family pass rate of $150 and divided it by 12 weeks to get a per-week cost, then multiplied it by seven
weeks. He came up with a cost of $87.50 for a pass, which Smith suggested making an even $100.
"That’s a lot easier to swallow," said Linkey, compared to charging the full cost for a family
Council approved a motion to make a family pass $100 for the remainder of summer and the individual gate
admission $3. Councilman Russ Warden noted the good deal of $3 providing for seven hours of swimming. No
senior passes will be sold.
Adam Heckler will return as the pool manager, and council approved hiring the lifeguards to provide park
and village maintenance since the work needs to be done, and they missed being able to work in June
while the pool was closed.
Mayor Virgil Shull Jr. announced a five-gallon bucket of special pool paint is $325, adding $1,300 to the
pool’s maintenance cost. The bill from B. Hill’z Excavating, Inc. for the pool repair was around $4,000,
and Wildman mentioned two other bills totaling about $700. Council agreed to pay B. Hill’z from the
General Fund, with Roth voting "no."
Council authorized Police Chief John Chandler to advertise for another patrolman. "Their shifts have
changed. They’re not as available," he said. "We’re still two under."
Street Commissioner Greg Warden was given permission to purchase a quality pressure washer for the
village with a limit of $300. He has been using a borrowed unit to do work in town, including getting
rid of graffiti.
A permit form to install a new sidewalk was approved with council agreeing not to add a fee to it.
Residents will have to have Greg Warden or the zoning inspector check the preparatory sidewalk work to
see that it meets specifications before concrete is poured.
Smith announced the fire department was successful bidding on used units to store fire gear. An attempt
will be made to sell the station’s old storage units.
Funds will be taken from several parts of the village’s budget to pay for roll-off units to collect the
concrete and asphalt chunks at the lagoon to clean up the area.
Wildman announced the Day in the Park committee is meeting every Sunday at 7 p.m. (instead of 4 p.m.) at
the fire hall. "We can use all the help," she stated.

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