Toledo man sentenced to consecutive four-year terms


Following the recommendation of the prosecution, William Dunbar II was sentenced to eight years in prison
Monday morning for sexual battery and impersonating an officer.
Wood County Common Pleas Court Judge Reeve Kelsey issued the sentence following statements from opposing
counsel, Dunbar and his victim.
Kelsey sentenced him to four years on both charges and ordered them to be served consecutively.
Dunbar, 38, of Toledo, pleaded no contest in January and was thus found guilty of both charges. Both
offenses are third-degree felonies carrying a maximum five-year prison sentence.
The charges stemmed from an April 2008 incident where he was accused of rape and kidnapping a woman,
taking her to Northwood from Toledo.
During the course of the crime, according to Heather Baker, Wood County assistant prosecutor, Dunbar told
the victim she needed to cooperate or he would arrest her.
Upon release, Dunbar will also face five years of post-release control. In addition, he must register as
a Class III sexual offender.
The voices of both the victim and Dunbar were breaking up as they addressed the court.
“The terror he has put on myself and my family has been unbearable,” the victim said.
She called his actions “premeditated,” and said, “He enjoys it. I didn’t enjoy it.”
Continuing, she reiterated her original claim, “I willingly gave him what he wanted because I thought he
was a cop.”
Though more than a year after the incident, her pain resonated through the courtroom.
In Dunbar’s remarks on his own behalf, he confessed “I am very sorry. I have made a mess of my life and
it has cost me dearly.”
Noting his own shame, he addressed the victim stating, “One day I hope you will forgive me, I will never
forgive myself.”
Defense attorney Donald Cameron tried to mitigate the sentence; however Kelsey followed Baker’s
Cameron noted Dunbar’s military record and also questioned the credibility of the witness due to her past
criminal record.
He was not the first attorney for the defendant in this case, and made many arguments which would have
been raised at trial if there had been one.
“I’m not contesting the charges, but rather arguing the proportionality,” Cameron said. “The sexual
aspect is weaker and should be reflected in sentencing.”
Baker countered the claim, saying the claims were uncontested and the victim’s background was not
She also told the court there were witnesses who would testify Dunbar sought out prostitutes and had been
known to previously pose an officer to solicit sex.
“This time (the victim) was not a prostitute and she was not afraid to come forward,” Baker said.

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