To the Editor: Fracking target countywide
Written by Joseph Terry   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 10:54
The voters have spoken. There will be no amendment. That means now the hordes will come in and ruin the ground water and pollute the air. Wait. No they won't, any more than they would have if this matter had never been put forth. If the mysterious parties who first proposed this ill-conceived idea had taken the time to properly research the geology of Wood County, they would have known the proposal was a moot point. Note I say "Wood County", not "Bowling Green." The county is 621 square miles. Did the townspeople think that they would be an oasis in the midst of some huge destructive rush for oil?
That happened a long time ago, when wagons of nitroglycerin used to park outside the saloons, oil flowed unrestrained for days into ditches and streams, and there was little regulation on drilling, and few on working conditions. It's too late for the ground water. If you get city water, or water from the water and sewer district, then your water comes from the Maumee. Ask anyone who has lived south of Route 6 for more than 10 years and ask them about their wonderful, hydrogen sulfide infused well water. They have the oil industry to thank, but more importantly, not necessarily big oil. They can thank their grandfathers who made a rush to incorporate their own companies in an attempt to cash in. Go to the Recorder's office and peruse the old documents. Go to BGSU and find the Ohio Secretary of State's annual reports and flip through the books from 1888-1910 for new corporations created to drill for oil. Many of them were created right here.
On the face of it, backing a ban on fracking sounds good. Fracking can have detrimental effects on the environment. There is evidence to support this. History proves this beyond a doubt, on the very soil on which we walk. If the citizens of the county wish to avoid any further damage to their environment, then I would like to suggest rewriting the proposed document to include the whole county, and to ban any oil exploration altogether. Eliminate it in its entirety. There is still oil down there, as there is gas. It's not obtainable by fracking, but if you eliminate any possibility of exploration, the county will never suffer again like it once did.
Joseph Terry
Bowling Green

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