To the Editor: Doctors can be more dangerous than guns
Written by Dr. LeRoy Lloyd   
Wednesday, 13 November 2013 11:10
The letter that Dr. Feeman had in the Sentinel-Tribune deserves comments and rebuttal.
First, as usual, this man perfected the use of anecdotal baloney to be presented as facts. He did this a lot with his so-called studies on patients in his office, which he would send to the Sentinel-Tribune. I wonder if his patients understood that they were subjects of his study? Were these studies double blind according to protocol? Was his study in some cases for blood pressure medication approved by the FDA?
Now he has branched out into new areas where he can display even more ignorance and foolishness. In this letter he does not even bother with his usual babble, he just gives us his feelings as if we should all bow down to him as the expert he would like to have you think he is.
Sherry Rogers, M.D., in her excellent book, "How to Cure Diabetes," on page 45, reminds us how dangerous it is to be in the hands of a uninformed doctor. She cites a government study in which shows 120,000 patients die at the hands of the 700,000 physicians annually, for a death rate of 0.171 deaths per doctor. Meanwhile, the FBI reports 1,500 deaths from guns per year. At the time there were 80 million gun owners leaving 0.000188 deaths per gun owner. Therefore, doctors are 9,000 times more dangerous than are gun owners.
In the next to last paragraph, Dr. Feeman writes that he can remember a time when he would have done something bad, had he had a gun. That is a very dangerous statement for a professional man to make. Maybe the State Medical Board should be made aware of his rant.
Dr. LeRoy Lloyd
Bowling Green

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