Scot Loeffler

File. BG head football coach Scot Loeffler motions while on the sidelines against Toledo last season.

Scot Loeffler has had a very interesting last four months as the head football coach at Bowling Green State University.

In his second season as head coach, Loeffler had to quickly find ways to maintain contacts with his coaches, football staff, players and recruits when the university was locked down in March due to coronavirus.

“We were going on spring break the week of the MAC (basketball) tournament. They canceled the MAC tournament and the minute they canceled the MAC tournament they (BGSU) shut us down,” Loeffler said.

“We had basically six days before the kids would technically come back to campus to totally reinvent how we do business,” he continued about the lock down. “It was anywhere between 18 or 19 hours a day … so we could be extremely productive in a very chaotic and different time.

“We work really hard in the off season, but I have never been part of an off season like this,” he added. “From 4 o’clock in the morning to 10 o’clock at night, I am going a thousand miles an hour.”

With major help from Loeffler’s staff, the program has continued to move forward, even with the players not on campus.

“After we handled our players, the next challenge was recruiting,” Loeffler said. “You want to talk about a total reinvention of the wheel. There is a lot of this reinvention in regards to recruiting that I will do without a doubt when we get back to normalcy.”

Loeffler said recruits did come to campus, but without the coaching staff being able to do anything with them. A virtual tour and a map of the campus was provided for each recruit and it has been successful.

The coaches are back on campus, but with designated times for the offensive and defensive staffs to be in the offices at the Sebo Center.

“On Monday the players started to return, but we will really not see them until July 13,” Loeffler said. “We are still going to be doing everything completely virtual.

“To say we are all going to be together as a group, that is going to be in a theater near you,” Loeffler added, with a laugh.

The weight room has been moved to the Perry Field House, in order to have more space for the workouts. Voluntary workouts for 35 players per week started on Monday with the players being shifted into two or three groups, so all 35 will not be working out at the same time. The strength and conditioning coach will be at the field house.

“This time period right now will be a virtual time period all the way up until July 13,” Loeffler said.

Required workouts will start on July 13 followed by an enhanced training schedule on July 24.

“That will look closer to a summer that we are accustomed to, but we will continue to have virtual meetings,” Loeffler said. “We will be able to get in the field and do conditioning drills with them, adding that the training starting on July 24 is something that has never been seen before.”

All the players will not be on the field at the same time.

“That whole period is very interesting,” he continued. “There are parts of it I really, really like. There are parts of it I hope move into the new normal. Having the ability to do a walk through with the ball, it’s priceless. I think we can get a lot done without beating them up and having contact.

“I think there are some good things that are actually taking place here … I think the idea to get back safely is pretty well thought out by the NCAA.”

The four-week preseason camp begins on Aug. 7 as the team gets ready to play at Ohio State on Sept. 5. There will be 105 players in camp.

Loeffler said during the August practices, the position players, such as quarterbacks, etc. will not be practicing together, but will be working in different units.

“I think the only time you will truly see us, truly together is during practice,” Loeffler said about the August practices.