BG volleyball

BG's Nikolija Katanic (14) and Petra Indrova (6) stretch for the block against Texas Christian's Audrey Nalls Friday night at the Stroh Center. 

The Bowling Green State University Department of Athletics has announced the participants for this year’s WE LEAD program.

Women Engaged in Leadership Exploration, Analysis and Development, which is in its second year, was created as a program designed to support the development of emerging women leaders in sports. This program is designed to help women student-athletes in the BGSU Athletics Department identify their strengths, develop their skills and build a network with other successful women leaders in sport.

Funded by a Community Action Grant from AAUW, this program will feature mentors for the student-athletes from the BGSU Athletics Department, Human Movement Sport and Leisure Studies Department, and Recreation and Wellness Department.

“Representation of women leaders, particularly women with multiple minoritized identities, is a persistent issue in collegiate athletics,” Joanna Line, program designer and facilitator, said. “Representation of diverse leaders is also an issue more broadly in literature about leadership. This program is grounded in the idea that every person has the capacity to lead. It is designed to promote an inclusive understanding of leadership in which a leader is not defined by the possession of a specific set of characteristics. Instead, each person is valued for their unique combination of identities, qualities, experiences and skills that they contribute to a team’s collaborative efforts.”

The skills developed through the WE LEAD program will help women student-athletes develop leadership skills both for sport and in future endeavors. Those selected for the program will meet once a month from January through May to discuss a variety of topics, including exploring definitions of leadership, considering their sphere of influence, identifying and applying their strengths in collaboritive work, and learning from other women leaders in sport.

“The WE LEAD program provides an opportunity for our women student-athletes, regardless of where they are in their leadership journey, the opportunity to strengthen and broaden their leadership skills,” Stacy Kosciak, senior associate athletics director and senior woman administrator, said. “This program will prepare them to take the next step to become our leaders for the future. Whether in competition, the classroom, or life after sport, it will position them for success.”

Listed below are the participants for the 2021 WE LEAD program.

Ioanna Tsadari, Tennis

Taylor Harris, Swim & Dive

Riley McNichols, Swim & Dive

Madelynn Luebcke, Volleyball

Malika Haver, Swim & Dive

Amber Saxon, Swim & Dive

Daisy Platts, Swim & Dive

Katelyn Goldstrom, Gymnastics

Nikolija Katanic, Volleyball

Audrey Shea, Soccer

Anna Eriksson, Swim & Dive

Madison Wolfbauer, Soccer

Kerstie Shaw, Volleyball

Petra Indrova, Volleyball

Jacqueline Askin, Volleyball

Hannah Best, Volleyball

Mallory Swartz, Golf

Payton Gottshall, Softball