The NCAA has awarded Bowling Green, in partnership with the Huntington Center in Toledo, the Hockey NCAA Championships for the 2025 season.

Bowling Green State University and the Huntington Center will host the following championships:

Hockey NCAA Regional Championship, 2025

Bowling Green State University and the Huntington Center will be one of four regional sites for the 2025 Hockey NCAA Championships, being joined by Penn State, North Dakota and New Hampshire. The championships will conclude with the finals being held in Las Vegas.

This is the third time for this specific NCAA championship bid process, which created the largest host site announcement ever, spanning 86 championships across a four-year cycle.

Previously, selection announcements varied by sport. This process now gives the NCAA and host sites more time to plan each championship experience.

Bidding for 86 of 90 NCAA championships began in August 2019 and more than 3,000 bid applications were ultimately submitted.

Each sport committee, per division, selected the host sites it believed would provide the ultimate experience for the respective student-athletes, resulting in more than 450 total championship event sites being awarded.

More than 54,000 student-athletes compete in NCAA championships each year.

The four championships not included in the process due to preexisting site arrangements are: Division I baseball, Division I football, Division I softball and Division III women’s ice hockey.