To the Editor:

Our country is in a valley of decision. Many American voters are uncertain what is happening in our nation. How should we vote in this national election? State and local elections are also very important. Will the candidates be our representatives or follow the political party lead? Are their agendas clearly stated? Yes, they are. Let’s not vote for the candidates who are not really listening to us.

Party D & party R present opposite visions for America. What’s your vision? Citizens across our country are living, some daily, in a constant state of anarchy. I looked up the dictionary’s definition: “a situation where there is no effective government in a country or no order.”

If we think to ourselves, it’s not happening here, someone should say to us, “Wait for it, wait for it.” Let’s have a moment of clarity here. Pause.

We have to admit we have been on a slippery slope into this “now reality.” Since 9/11. We did not heed the warning. Enemies are within the gates. 2020 is American’s time to decide. Do we want lawlessness to rule our cities, towns, villages and country sides? Fear is a paralyzing force.

The foundation of the United States is freedom, liberty and justice for all. No nation is perfect because mankind is not. However, many people from all over the world want to come here because this country is the best.

Birthed as “One Nation under God.” There is an urgency in our 2020 election. Is time running out for America to return to our biblical foundation? Or is it America’s time of no return? You and I will decide by voting this November. We can and will decide our future.

Sue Smith

Bowling Green