To the Editor:

The mass media had the date circled just after the November 2020 election. That date was for the elector count for president in the House of Representatives.

The mass media had covered previous riots in our country the year before and the various outcries of how the 2020 election was held and the close count in various states. The mass media even informed us of a Trump White House speech weeks in advance.

I believe an investigation of the riot attack on the Capital should have been done like the 9/11 and the Warren Commission Hearings of previous tragedies of our country — an investigation that would look at all videos of personal iPhones and mass media, questioning possible insiders from both the right and left. For example, how did the secured front doors get opened from the inside?

I would only have one simple question for President Donald Trump and his staff, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Chairman of House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff, leaders of Senate and House, Capital police chief and officers, sergeant of arms for the Capital, Washington D.C. Capital police chief, and the FBI, CIA, Office of Homeland Security and National Security Office.

Where was the security?

The inauguration on Jan. 20 had a 3-mile, 7-foot unscalable fence with razor wire at top around Capital complex guarded by 5,000 armed National Guardsman with equipment and check point entrances.

Jan. 6 had a force of 500 Capital police officers on duty out of force of 2,200 against mass media coverage of thousands of protesters — people who had arrived days before.

On Dec. 7, 1941 the Japanese did a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor

On Sept, 11, 2001 there was a surprise attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon by hijacked aircraft.

The Jan. 6, 2020 attack on Capital Building was not a surprise attack.

I question our country’s intelligence system. God help the USA.

Edward Ginnever