To the Editor,

Well. Well. Well. If it ain’t one thing, it’s another, right?

Did you know Ohio’s taxpayer dollars are being used to buy up the oil and gas industry’s drilling and fracking radioactive waste?

To use as highway “de-icer”? And for dirt road “dust control”?

And that a new “twist” might be coming from Columbus?

At least this time our state representatives and senators aren’t being bought and sold by Ohio’s nuclear and coal industry campaign contributors.

Nope. This time it’s Ohio’s oil and gas industry campaign contributors.

Well-heeled oil and gas lobbyists have “made it attractive” for certain state representatives and senators to create, and then try to push, two current bills [HB 282 and SB 171] through the legislative process.

These bills attempt to “re-classify” the drilling and fracking industry’s radioactive waste brine “de-icer” as a “commodity.”

Why? Because, if they can re-classify it as a “commodity,” state health agencies and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources will no longer be able to measure or regulate the amount of radioactivity in the brine.

Why? Because, if it’s an “unregulated commodity,” it can more easily, and more profitably, be sold right off the shelf in retail stores. Where it is temptingly and misleadingly labeled “ancient sea water,” or “nature’s source agua salina.”

For people to use to “de-ice” their patios, sidewalks and driveways.

Where it will all eventually be washed away to “someplace” (spread over the soil, onto farmland, into streams, into water wells and underground aquifers; or maybe dried, airborne and inhaled).

Not nice.

It’s a carcinogenic, people.

Don’t buy it, people.

Don’t allow it, people.

Email your state reps.


Sally Medbourn Mott

Bowling Green