To the Editor:

Recently, I saw a sign that I thought was very informative. It was not for a specific candidate. Instead, it just said “Freedom Not Socialism.”

I placed the sign at my office building, and it was stolen within 24 hours. I think this says a lot about those who believe in socialism. Forget about any animosity you might have toward a specific candidate. Instead, focus on the character of those who are promoting the current unrest and violence.

Please consider the recent ambush at point blank range of two Houston police officers. You can say that this was done by only one person and think of it as a single event. However, what about the crowd of BLM supporters who arrived at the hospital and tried to interfere with the medical emergency personnel? The comment “we hope they die” was clearly audible.

You can say that it is a leap from sign stealing to ambushing police. However, both actions stem from the same elitist ideas, that progressive opinions are all that matter and contrary opinions should be suppressed by any means.

There is an old adage that for demagogues to be truly successful, they have to believe their own lies. You and I cannot stop these crazies from believing their own lies. However, we can acknowledge that they are in fact lies and resist their destructive behavior.

I ask those of you who are supporting this behavior by voting for progressive politicians, is this really the country you want?

Cal Smith

Bowling Green