To the Editor:

On Friday, the Wood County Health Department worked with three different sites to deliver close to 3,000 doses of the Pfizer vaccine to teachers and staff from Wood County.

Simply put, it was one of the most organized and professional experiences I have witnessed. The public safety students at Penta Career Center provided a welcoming atmosphere that cannot be understated. In talking with members of our staff, the students helped set the tone and relaxed many who may have been anxious about getting the vaccine. The check-in process staffed by employees from each district was quick, and we were moved to caring nurses and professionals from all over the area who delivered the vaccines. Multiple Eastwood residents volunteered to help vaccinate staff which was awesome to see. We thank everyone who gave of their time to help make this work.

The ease of the day masked the complexities that went into the thawing of doses, drawing them for vaccinators, and the paperwork associated with documenting the doses and who got what lot and when.

There have been some numerous challenges associated with getting the vaccines rolled out and into arms. I wanted to share a positive story and a word of thanks with you. Those who work in public health rarely receive the praise they deserve for the selfless time and devotion given to our residents.

Hats off to our Wood County Health Commissioner Ben Robison and his team for their time and preparation. We also thank Ed Ewers and Penta for their terrific work today hosting this event. Truly exceptional. Finally, thank you to those who volunteered their time to work in this clinic.

I wish I had better words to express my admiration and thanks.

Well done.

Brent Welker, superintendent

Eastwood Local Schools