To the Editor:

Once again Joe Average gives us the answers to our problems.

He suggests that we return to the old ways, to society that fostered and supported segregation for over 100 years. Let’s go back to the old faith where lynchings on Friday and Saturday were followed by church on Sunday. Let’s return to a world of excellent education for those with access to excellent education. How about health care for those with access to health care?

We may still have the most powerful military in the world — certainly the most expensive — but we are down the list for health outcomes, again the most expensive. The old ways got us to where we are today.

The stock market is not the only measure of greatness.

Let’s have loyalty to country, rather than party or economic gain at the expense of others, or gerrymandering to keep the right party in power.

We are the most free society in the world — if you are not a minority or hold an opposing opinion. If you disagree, you are the enemy. “Average Joe” follows the Constitution, at least the parts or interpretations that support your point of view.

A trait missing from his list is leadership — leadership that cares more about people than staying in power. Leadership that cares more about people than money. Leadership that strives to work together rather than divide. Leadership that cares more about the truth than a version of the truth. Leadership that builds up rather than tears down. Leadership that understands the concept of common good. Leadership not bought and paid for by special interests.

The upcoming election is a joke because we have allowed the absence of leadership described above to be acceptable and expected.

We need not look to the old ways for answers but look to the future and whatever new ways of interacting are necessary to solve the immense problems we have always faced.

Russ Griggs