To the Editor:

It is what it is.

As we get further into the election season, people are starting to display various signage supporting their candidates. As I take my motorcycle rides through Wood, Henry and Defiance counties, I wonder when I see the signage supporting Trump if those living at that house are racists, or bigots, or maybe a combination of both. I wonder if they admire Trump because he slept with a porn star and a playboy bunny while he was still married. He really doesn’t respect women, so are the people living at the house with Trump signs the same way?

I’ve come to the conclusion that when you support a candidate, and plan on voting for that candidate, you’ve already accepted all of the sins of the candidate. That makes sense to me because when you support a candidate enough to vote for that candidate, it’s not like ordering off of an a la carte menu, if your candidate is a racist, and you support that candidate and enable his racism, then you are a bona fide racist. If your candidate is a bigot, and you support and enable his bigotry, then you are a bona fide bigot. So own it, own it with pride.

Now we see that your candidate has made disparaging comments about service members and veterans, especially those who sacrificed themselves on the battlefield and returned to our shores in body bags or wheelchairs with their bodies broken. I was one of those stupid people that served during the Vietnam war, and did my duty for this country like my family has done since the early 1800s. My older brother and younger sister also served, and did so proudly. We all know about trump’s bone spur deferment, and his claim that navigating the nightclub scene was more dangerous than duty in the ‘Nam was. LOL, that’s so darn ridiculous, and I have no words, only disgust.

So when I’m out riding around and looking at the pretty Trump signage, I’ll just make a mental note that the person residing at that house is a racist, a bigot and someone who doesn’t support the military and veterans who have served. It’s not and à la carte menu when it comes to Trump, you have to take all of him, or none of him. I choose to take none of him.

John Haver

Milton Center