To the Editor,

The election is over. Why won’t President Donald Trump just admit it and stop all of these silly, disprovable claims of a rigged election, which can only serve to divide an already disunited country — again thanks to Trump.

The answer is that Trump must be re-elected to avoid going to jail in New York and he must be re-elected to keep on grifting and enriching himself because he is deep in debt and those bills are coming due. If Trump is out of power, Putin will have no further use for him and will call in those debts. So—to the detriment of our country — Trump has to keep himself in the limelight, so that Putin will give him some slack and Trump followers will continue to send in their money.

To do this Trump has to throw this country under the bus. Why should this be a surprise? Trump is a sociopath, some one who doesn’t care about anyone else and is only out for self-gratification.

Even though he knew about how severe the COVID-19 pandemic would be, he failed to warn our citizens and failed to take any action. Why? Because if the American people knew about the severity of the pandemic, they would hunker down, the economy would tank, and Trump’s leading pitch for re-election would be lost. Also, if the economy tanked, no one would go to his hotels and golf courses, which were already in financial difficulties.

And how would he pay those bills coming due? But it’s not just that. Trump has made no secret of his wanting to become a dictator (president for life)—and if that happened, all of his problems would disappear. To this end, he terminates anyone (except Bill Barr) who in any way opposes him and shuts down any organizations opposed to his views. Just as any dictator would.

To Trump’s followers I would say that he does not have your back. You will be cast off as soon as he no longer needs you. It’s what sociopaths do. And our democratic republic will destroyed. And it will be your fault. Call the RNC and tell them to step away from this fraudster or you will step away from the RNC. Time is running out. Do not delay.

W.E.Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green