To the Editor:

It is about time someone tells U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan to shut his mouth, because of his ranting at Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Thank you, Maxine Waters, for telling Jordan what should have been done long time ago. Why is Jordan still representing Region 4 in Ohio?

All the Republicans in office do is pass bills to suppress votes. They will do nothing to end gun violence. It is all about the monies they get from the NRA.

I saw this in an article from a friend and it resonated with me: “you’re afraid we will take away your guns. We’re afraid your guns will take away our children. We haven’t taken any of your guns. Your guns have taken too many of our children. Whose fears are unfounded?”

President Joe Biden just hit Russia with sweeping, devastating economic and financial sanctions for their election interference. Boom. Poor Vladimir Putin is so sad because he lost his puppet Donald Trump.

Here is what justice should be: Have Trump testify under oath in front of Congress for 11 straight hours on live television to explain how five people ended up dead at the U.S. Capital, while he was watching it all on TV and enjoying every minute of it. He did nothing for over three hours as president of our country. He a terrorist leader. Why is he not in jail with the rest of his friends?

Joann Schiavone