To the Editor:

There appears to be a war going on between the Bowling Green City Schools Board of Education and a group of taxpayers who seek to leave the district, which, apparently, will have a significant financial impact on BG schools.

I’m not entirely sure why the dissident group wishes to leave BG Schools, but it is my understanding that right now those seeking to leave the BG school district have every right to do so consistent with current applicable laws.

However, the BG board has recently threatened the right of free choice stating in a recent district-wide mailing, “We have approved a resolution to create a new law that will require residents who vote to leave one district for another to still be required to pay the taxes of their current district for a period of 10 years.”

There is more than one group unhappy with administrators at BG schools. On more than one occasion over the last few years, I expressed to the board unhappiness with the way the athletic department provided varsity results (or lack thereof) to the Toledo Blade and Sentinel-Tribune. Both papers said they can only print what is passed along to them.

Sadly, some months back, I was told by a representative of the Sentinel-Tribune that they couldn’t even get honor roll data from BG schools. I met with a member of the school board and expressed my disappointment with the way the administration interacted with the local print media.

Even more recently, the Blade apparently contacted almost every head football coach in their area to comment on high school football plans. Very noticeably, the BG head football coach was not mentioned. Was he contacted, but declined to comment? Or was he not contacted because of soured relations? I don’t know.

What I do know is that the relationship between BG schools and various public entities is not what it could be — or should be. And this ill will is to the detriment of our students, their parents and taxpayers.

We are saddened by what is happening with BG schools. We came to BG in 1972 — almost 50 years ago; our three children are BG High School graduates. We have seen many, many wonderful teachers and administrators over the years, but some changes are in order. Things are not what they should be.

Larry and Polly Garzony

Bowling Green