To the Editor:

I am part of the “negativity out there” as Bowling Green City Schools Superintendent Francis Scruci said during last week’s board meeting. Numerous studies have proven that kids and teachers in schools do get COVID-19 but in almost all cases they got it out of the classroom. We know wearing masks and following other procedures reduces the spread in schools to almost zero.

Every other school district in the county has tried to keep kids in the classroom. I read an email sent to parents in Otsego Local Schools. It stressed the need to be safe and the importance of in classroom education. They have been going five days a week most of the year.

My sister teaches in Twinsburg. The district offered every parent a choice, online or in person; about 65% took in person. My sister has been teaching in a classroom five days a week since the start of the school year with almost no issues.

Out of curiosity I listened to a Perrysburg board of education meeting. They stick to facts provided by the health commissioner, use the latest directives by the state and acknowledged that Perrysburg has had the highest rate of spread in the county through most of the school year. Yet the ultimate goal has been to keep kids in the classroom as much as possible.

As I watched the Bowling Green board meeting I witnessed the group talk in circles, some letting personal fears play into their decision to deny kids in classroom education. It was night and day from the Perrysburg meeting.

Also at the meeting, Scruci said that they were going to look into giving the parents who don’t wish to go back in March a choice. The superintendent acknowledged it might not be possible, but it was frustrating to hear because all BG VOICE has wanted is a choice.

Coming from a family that stresses the importance of education, I have never voted against a school levy. I was also a very vocal supporter of the consolidated elementary levies. However, since last summer it has become clear to me that as other county schools found ways to get kids in the classroom, BG found ways to keep kids out of the classroom. So yes I am part of the “negativity,” and I believe I have a valid reason for it.

Scott Marcin

Bowling Green