To the Editor:

On Aug. 4, the voters in select areas of Center, Jackson, Milton and Plain townships in Wood County and Richfield Township in Henry County will have the opportunity to change the school district where their children attend.

Things to consider: Is this a good choice for our children? How will this affect our grade school children socially? How will you tell your child they will be going to a different school? Why did the petitioners have two petitions in Milton Township and originally two in Liberty Township until one was refused? Why did the petition in Plain Township leave out so many neighbors of one of the petitioners? Why was the village of Portage, Arlington Woods, the unincorporated town of Rudolph and the housing going south along Rudolph Road left out of the petitions?

When you look at the entire area the petitioners want removed from the Bowling Green City Schools district, it’s very apparent they are seeking maximum land loss with the least amount of voters at the ballot box.

I would challenge the Sentinel-Tribune to print the current BG district with a picture of what the district would be if all of the petitions were passed.

I farm and agree, taxes can be a troubling issue. Our business relies on the real estate we farm.

In recent years our tax burden has been reduced due to a reduction in CAUV taxes with more reductions to come in the future. Our state legislature has passed laws to make some of our farm/small business income, a tax deduction. If this petition passes in Milton Township there will be no real estate savings or school district income tax savings. None.

In fact, you do the math with your own income. Bowling Green school income tax is .50 %, Patrick Henry School is 1.75 %.

Please, just do simple math using your income and the school district income tax where you would be transferred to.

All of our schools deal with a lack of funding at one time or another. We all can agree, we don’t always agree, with the people who sit in leadership. Our world is a tough enough place to navigate. Why do this to our school children. I would encourage voters to really consider the consequences of this change and vote no to all the petition transfers.

Lisa Wilhelm