To the Editor:

Divisive national politics should not be a part of anyone’s school board campaign. I spent 16 years serving on the Perrysburg Board of Education and the only time we faced real controversy was when someone ran for school board with a personal or political agenda that had nothing to do with improving our school system for the kids.

This year, two of the people who are running are trying to divide the community by bringing national political issues to their school board campaign. They are even bringing in national “conservative” speakers to roil the community. It is hard to ignore them when their angry voices are the ones that get media coverage, but I hope these voices do not represent the majority of our school community.

I will cast my votes for Eric Bennington and Lori Reffert for the board of education. I think they are the kind of calm and thoughtful leaders that we need. We all benefit when leaders bring us together rather than try to tear us apart. We have an outstanding school district, we should vote to keep it that way.

Walt Edinger