To the Editor:

I live in rural Weston. It was announce that company, from Texas, is putting in a massive solar project in my area.

It is being developed through their subsidiary Juliet Energy Project, LLC. They held a virtual meeting with impacted residents telling us who they were followed by a very brief question-and-answer session.

The problem is they didn’t really answer our questions. I do not believe that this company should be able to make gains at my expense. The fields completely circle many houses in the area that they are building. So my property value decreases and their profits increase.

They didn’t find Weston by throwing a dart at a map. They obviously studied the demographics and thought we would be a good place to shove the panels down our throat.

We ask to see the studies on the effects to our wells and septic systems that run through these fields also pace makers and defibrillators. We are told that they will make efforts to maintain the tiles in the field. I already feel like this company is all talk. They said they talked to each residents affected personally, and I assure you that did not happen.

There are plenty of instances in other states where their fence line is rusty and all cover trees are dead and people cannot get the solar companies to fix the issue. They come in build the facilities and set back and make millions of dollars for the next 40 years.

We need to stand up to this company and demand that we have the protections needed and it needs to be in legally documented in writing to assure we will not be harmed physically or financially.

Thomas Halladay II