To the Editor:

I would like to list for you the people in my family that have the coronavirus.

My dad, who is in the hospital with COVID pneumonia. My mom, who is very very ill but not sick enough to go to the hospital. My husband, who gets conflicting information about when and how we should get back to work. My autistic nephew, who doesn’t understand why he’s so sick. And me, who is fortunate enough to have a milder case so I can help take care of all of these people.

My question is, why have the Republicans followed the Donald Trump doctrine and not protected the citizens of Ohio?

We have done everything right, stayed home, worn our masks, and always did the right thing despite the rhetoric coming from the White House and the lack of help coming from the Republicans. But my mom’s sink got a leak and my husband went over to help her and now we’re sick, because my father visited a dying friend.

The reckless disregard for explaining to America how deadly COVID-19 is stands on Republicans’ shoulders. And if they don’t come out publicly and endorse Biden’s presidency, and publicly say Trump did the wrong thing when it came to coronavirus, they are responsible for the deaths of Americans, along with the possible death of democracy.

I no longer wait for Republicans to do the right thing. Now I wait patiently until I can vote them out.

Teresa Mcginnis