To the Editor,

Hearkening back to my last letter to the editor, Republicans worshiping at the altar of former President Donald Trump should rethink their behavior. Trump has now thrown Rudy Giuliani under the bus, is playing hardball with his Republican supporters, and is not paying his lawyers.

When Trump does not need you anymore, he discards you. Sociopaths do that sort of thing — and Trump is the poster child of sociopaths. A book title said it best: “Everything Trump Touches Dies.”

But it’s more than that: The Republican party (of dirty tricks) will do anything to achieve/maintain their power position.

It is said that power corrupts and that absolute power corrupts absolutely. What one has to do to obtain power is bad enough, but what one has to do to maintain power is far worse. What the Republicans are doing is what the Nazis were doing 90-odd years ago. (Of course the Republicans would rather you not read history. A poorly informed electorate is grist to their mill.)

First you quash the opposition in your own party, as by removing Liz Cheney from her power position in Congress and you get hacks to “boo” Milt Romney at his meetings. You make it crystal clear that any Republican who opposes the party platform of “Trump Forever” will be cast aside.

Second, you quash voting rights and deny the integrity of a certified election. The former move keeps opposition voters from voting and the latter move “gins up” the Republican base.

Trump is the biggest con artist of all time: he knows how to play with his supporters’ brains, to achieve his own goals of staying in power so that he does not go to jail for his crimes or have to pay back all that money that he owes and is now due.

The Republican base must cast out the cancer that is Trump and get back to what the Republican party was all about to begin with — and not go with the Republican party down that dark path to dictatorship. Cheney and Romney can show you the way.

W.E.Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green