To the Editor:

Ohio Rep. Haraz Ghanbari must be investigated.

In 2019, Rep. Ghanbari was instrumental in the passage of House Bill 6. This bill provided approximately $150 million annually to First Energy’s unsafe and unprofitable nuclear power plants. These bailout funds were funded by significant rate hikes on Ohioans and the elimination the Renewable Portfolio Standard.

This eliminated Bowling Green’s ability to sell Renewable Energy Credits in Ohio at an estimated loss of $400,000. The bill made no sense and Ghanbari’s support for it has always been questioned.

Last week, Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder was arrested and charged with bribery and racketeering. In the 82-page complaint, it describes how Householder received $60 million dollars from First Energy to set up and execute a scheme to bailout First Energy’s nuclear power plants.

Householder was instrumental in the appointment of Ghanbari to Sen. Theresa Gavarone’s seat in March 2019 and strategically placed him on the Energy and Natural Resources subcommittee where HB 6 was introduced.

In the complaint, the Justice Department refers to other representatives that helped, willingly or not, with this scheme to defraud all Ohioans. Ghanbari must fully and publicly disclose his involvement with the passage of HB 6. Is he one of the representatives referenced in the complaint? What was he promised, if anything, for his vote? Has he received any dark money related to the passage of this bill?

Now is the time of journalists. There is a need for good journalism more than ever. I hope they are up to the challenge.

Erik Wineland