To the Editor:

Why is Dr. Amy Acton, director of Ohio Department of Health, not informing the public of the efficacy rating of the cloth mask she touts at the daily governor addresses?

Acton should be providing substantial scientific evidence for any public health orders she wishes to impose on Ohioans. She should be providing a minimum of three supportive and three opposing scientific studies in regards to that particular mandate, to illustrate, at a bare minimum, that she has done her due diligence in research before issuing any public health orders.

While Acton mandates the use of the cloth mask she has been touting at the daily briefings, she has yet to provide scientific research that supports the use of it. Her personal opinion of mandating anything should not become a public health order.

Please see these three examples of scientific studies which clearly illustrate that cloth masks (and in most instances, surgical masks) are ineffective against viruses:


I was the Employee Health Nurse in charge of the Fit Testing Program for the entire Bay Park Community Hospital in Oregon, Ohio. Healthcare workers and ancillary staff are required to be Fit Tested annually for the N95 hospital grade mask, with education provided in the proper donning/doffing of the N95 to ensure against personal contamination.

Acton has a personal responsibility (and liability) to disclose her scientific research references of any public health orders. There needs to be a public policy as such, in law, in order to protect Ohioans from unfounded personal “opinions” being issued under the guise of “public health orders.”

Donna McHaffie, RN, BSN

LCDR, NC, U.S. Navy, retired