To the Editor:

The John Randall letter (COVID should be allowed to run its course, Dec. 15) cannot go unchallenged.

For some people COVID-19 is a mild disease, but for others it can be deadly. There is a genetic tendency for some people to get severe COVID-19, but for others that tendency is determined by age, obesity, diabetes, etc.

The Omicron variant is changing that. Omicron replicates so swiftly that the viral load can become overwhelming, which is probably why so many more children are hospitalized. The mortality rates for children with the Omicron variant are not yet published, but about 1,000 children have died so far in the pandemic.

About 800,000 Americans have died of the pandemic — mostly older people, who have worked all of their lives and only wanted to live out the rest of their lives, watching their children and grandchildren grow up.I believe that since one in every 100-150 elderly people died due to the pandemic, then most everyone knows some one who died of COVID-19.

I do believe that every American has the right to choose life’s course, but no American has the right to kill someone else, and that’s what happens when people fail to take the readily-available precautions such as vaccination and wearing a mask.

This is what makes Randall’s letter so abdominal.

Every epidemic runs it course once all of the vulnerable people have died, but far too many have died — many needlessly.

Randall spouts the perverted right-wing view of the pandemic. He is not backed by science, but by superstition and paranoia.

Vaccinations do work. Masks do work.

Nothing is 100% effective, so the aim is to prevent severe infection and death. Most of the break-through COVID-19 cases in vaccinated people who have had the booster are milder in nature and perhaps a bit more severe in those who have been vaccinated but have not yet had the booster.

The most severe cases occur in unvaccinated people. There are vaccine side effects, but none is worse than the actual disease.

Cases are rising in Wood County and so are deaths. High vaccine rates help but when large numbers of people do not get vaccinated or wear masks, everyone suffers, even those who did everything right.

W.E. Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green