To the Editor:

I’m amazed but sadly not surprised at the level of hatred Democrats are capable of. In spite of his intemperate communication style and personality, Donald Trump has done a credible job as chief executive and commander in chief. Yet on this page, he — and by extension, his supporters — is called racist, bigoted, Nazi, fascist, and more without any factual evidence to back up that invective.

In spite of relentless leftist attacks, Trump has been able to keep many of his campaign promises. Like him or hate him, at least give credit where credit is due.

The Republican National Convention was a hopeful picture of the future of a truly great, if sometimes imperfect nation. The Democrat convention was nothing but seething grievance, resentment, doom, gloom and personal attacks on one man.

A typical Trump rally is filled with happy, hopeful, optimistic, proud and civil Americans. By contrast, Democrat rallies are what we used to call riots. As Columnist Patrice Lewis writes: “It’s important for Trump supporters to realize that most Democrats are impervious to logic or reason. No matter how many times they’re warned that violence, chaos, intimidation, arson, murder and screaming tantrums don’t work – they won’t listen.”

No matter who wins in November, Christians must prepare for things to get worse. America has crossed a threshold. The Democratic party has moved so far to the dark side that no true Christian can support it without becoming a spiritual pretzel.

John Randall

Bowling Green