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Have we as a nation ever had such a variety of problems? All these and more can be used in some way to restrict our freedoms.

In times of great crises, Americans have always come together. We unite in overcoming adversity. Think about World War II, the Kennedy assassination, the space shuttle tragedies and 9/11. Remember “United We Stand” and “Let’s Roll?”

I am one of the owners of a business deemed an essential and critical business — an over-the-road temperature-controlled trucking company hauling only food.

Throughout this pandemic I have spent my days on phone calls and video chats with constituents discussing how I can help them through these tough times. I have heard incredible stories of resiliency and kindness as well as many tough conversations with people who are hurting and stressed abo…

Crime is a serious problem, always has been, and probably always will be. Whether it is “minor” like shoplifting, or “major” like armed robbery or murder, crime hurts someone — maybe many someones.