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The Perrysburg Area Chamber of Commerce’s decision to rename the Harrison Rally Day festival reflects a laudable effort to address W.H. Harrison’s full legacy. Rather than ignoring history, the chamber is confronting its complexity.

There has never been a time when our country has been more divided than it is now: Not during the Vietnam War or even the Civil War.

Memorial Day is the official, unofficial start of summer. With the coronavirus pandemic coming to an end, we are looking forward to returning to normal living with barbecues, picnics, mowing the lawn, swimming, vacations and enjoying the warmer weather.

Our way of life is under siege, our laws are being ignored and our police are being demonized. We are called names which may not apply to us, most likely don’t. Sometimes we are actually attacked physically.

There are cameras everywhere. Security cameras in parking lots, in stores, at various intersections, any place we go, to watch us in our daily routines. Surveillance is everywhere, satellites and drones can watch us at our backyard picnics or even just cutting the grass. GPS is in our cars a…

Spring is here, and nature is truly amazing. The grass is starting to grow (and the weeds), birds are flocking to my bird feeder, sometimes even taking turns to eat. The squirrels are running all over, and the deer are out and about. Nature is truly amazing, every year it is the same, regula…

Last March, after the stay-at-home order went into effect, domestic violence hotline calls to the Cocoon spiked by 40%. Since then, hotline calls have increased by 15% every month.