To the Editor:

I am writing in response to Charlotte Reith’s letter titled “Raise your voice for the most vulnerable,” who advocates for better treatment of children in U.S. immigration custody, stating seven have died due to lack of food and care. From what source is this?

You ask, “Can you imagine your children taken from you … because you purchased fireworks in Ohio and drove them to …another state?” No, because this would never happen to an American. Illegal immigrants do not have the same rights as Americans.

And, what about all the suffering people in countries too far to walk to America? Africa? Nigeria? China? Shall we pay their way here? Shall we open our borders to everyone who endures hunger or violence? America is not big enough, nor does it possess unlimited wealth.

You wrote that “all children are precious, as are all human lives. To conservatives I say this: you cannot say that we are pro-life or that you believe all lives matter if you do not care for the most vulnerable among us.”

Well, I would say this to liberals: Not pro-life? Do not lecture me on the merits of helping children of illegal immigrants when you not only approve, endorse, fund, fight for and kill your own (American) babies by abortion, but also expect everyone to pay for this atrocity. This is the epitome of hypocrisy. I would challenge you that babies, especially unborn babies, are the most vulnerable of all children, not children of illegal immigrants.

The worst example I have seen of liberal hypocrisy is Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who is responsible for 6,000 elderly dying in nursing homes and approves of birthed healthy babies being allowed to die, and then has the audacity to criticize governors and President Donald Trump for not wearing masks.

All lives matter: from conception to natural death — black, white, red or yellow. Babies unborn, children born, the disabled, the elderly, veterans. In America, we have a responsibility to take care of our own because you are right, All lives do matter. On this we can agree. However, we are not responsible for taking care of everyone on the planet.

Ever heard of the expression ‘charity begins at home?’ We need to save and care for our own before we try to become the rescuers of the world.

Barbara Brunner

Bowling Green