To the Editor:

To the gentleman from Grand Rapids (Message to the Right: Put your guns away - and you lost, June 1), trust me your neighbors are more afraid of you and the current administration than you are of them.

With the left’s permission, this administration is quickly taking away all of our freedoms: speech, guns, health and fair elections.

What I get from your letter is that you are OK with that. I am not. Because the 2nd amendment protects our 1st amendment rights, we have the freedom to speak our differences.

I have some questions for you. Have you ever read the constitution and its amendments? It says, and I quote “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

Newsflash: your neighbors have the right to have as many guns (and any kind) as they wish.

In your letter you are against those who use retaliation and threats. Are you OK with what the left is doing to the Supreme Court? It seems to me that they are the ones spewing hate and threatening violence.

How isn’t abortion, to use your term, “indiscriminate murder?” Facts that the mainstream media will never tell you is that most women who get abortions are not white. Why isn’t everyone screaming those who endorse abortions are racists?

Do you not think that election integrity should be enhanced? The mainstream media is hiding evidence of election fraud. You will say that it is only a few votes here and there. It is death by a thousand cuts. I challenge everyone to do their own research.

I do agree with one point you made in your vitriolic letter. It is time to stop spreading hate and return to a civil society.

Doug Kratzer

Bowling Green