To the Editor:

“The Constitution does not grant Congress the authority to overturn elections and overrule state and federal courts. We must preserve the Electoral College as outlined in the Constitution.”

These words from Bob Latta (Leaders condemn D.C. violence, Jan. 7) ring hollow when you remember that he joined other Republican officials from the United States to overturn duly certified results from other states. Not in Ohio, but another state with their own rights. But Latta chose to ignore states rights only in those states that President Donald Trump lost. He chose to ignore the Constitution and those Americans who voted for the candidates of their choice.

He chose to enable Donald Trump to continue stirring up violent passions in his Trumpsters. Latta is not a Republican, instead choosing to go over to the dark side of Trumpism. Republicans who claim to be fiscal conservatives have enacted the biggest deficit in American history. Why, to make sure the big supporters of Latta got a huge tax break, much bigger than the average constituent got.

Another question that needs to be answered, where are the Wood County Republican leaders who supposedly support the Constitution? How, in good conscience, can John Jakubowski and Mike Marsh continue to support a man who steps on the constitutional rights of Americans just so Donald Trump can continue to divide America.

Latta is just as guilty of the violent attempted coup that happened in Washington last week. The timing of his so-called enlightenment strangely coincides with Trump’s failed coup attempt at the Capitol.

Latta’s enabling silence of all the Trumpsters antics has directly led to the deaths of several people and destruction in the Capitol Building of the United States. Trump’s attempted coup was just the last step in the four years of America’s nightmare. We must insure that this can never happen again but as long as officials like Latta remain in office our country can never be safe.

Latta needs to resign.

Bob Kreienkamp