To the editor:

When Representative Bob Latta signed on with 105 other Republican members of the House, to join the ludicrous Texas lawsuit demanding the voter’s will be ignored and votes be thrown out so your cult leader could steal the election, was sedition against democracy and your country. You broke faith with the oath you took.

You swore on the Bible to defend the Constitution not Donald Trump. You swore to protect American institutions against political extremism and those who pose a threat to democracy, but you haven’t. In fact, you have not opposed any of Trump’s illegal acts and you continue to support his lies and his crazy conspiracy theories. You are supporting Trump’s reckless and dangerous attempt to nullify the 2020 election and delegitimize Joe Biden’s election. What a betrayal to your country and democracy.

You have remained silent with Trump’s warped thinking that anyone who didn’t vote for him, then the election had to be rigged. You know this to be a lie and you know Joe Biden won the presidency in a fair, democratic election. In fact, this was the most secure election in history, with no evidence of fraud. Don’t make the excuse Trump has every right to challenge his election loss. That is not what he is doing. He is trying to steal/overturn the election and you are on board.

Trump was never a popular president. That is why voters came out in large numbers to vote and the majority voted him out. This is why Trump lost, not because of a rigged election.

Representative Latta, because you are so craven and afraid of Trump, you have refused to tell your constituents the truth that “voter fraud” was non-existent and iden won the presidency fairly. You have not even had the decency to congratulate or acknowledge that Biden is the president-elect, for fear of a bad Trump tweet, backlash from your Republican cronies, and upsetting the base.

What does this say about Latta’s character? His behavior and his actions indicate he is no longer dedicated to a democracy, nor is the rule of law, or the Constitution matter. The only thing that is important to Latta and his party is maintaining power for self-interest, and keeping the donors happy at any cost. If it means throwing democracy under the bus, so be it.

Danajane Pavlis