To the Editor:

Joe says “just say no” (The people need to take back government, Feb. 10).

He advocates taking back the government. That was tried on Jan. 6. Don’t know if those are the folks we want running the government.

Joe bemoans the bloated, unsuccessful government bureaucracy — one of which is the military. As a veteran Joe would certainly appreciate the waste in the defense department. The EPA was created after the Cuyahoga River caught on fire in 1969 from all the pollution in the water. If the corporations didn’t pollute the environment it wouldn’t need protection.

Throwing money at our problems hasn’t solved them. This doesn’t keep the people and companies from taking the money. How many anti-socialists returned their socialist stimulus checks? How many farmers turned down their subsidy payments? How many corporations that didn’t need the tax breaks took them? How many wealthy people who didn’t need tax breaks took them?

Improve education — mom and dad can do better than the schools. Seems like the folks in Bowling Green would like the schools to take their children back. There are reportedly 1,700 kids in Toledo who are homeless. Who’s supposed to teach them? Just have a local expert in chemistry and physics stop by the shelter. There plenty of scientists in every neighborhood to meet this need.

The politicians haven’t served the people — just vote them out. With gerrymandering the politicians don’t even need to debate their opposition because they will be elected anyway. Get the special interests out of politics. When the Supreme Court decided that corporations were people and PACs can spend as much as they want on elections, the special interests now own the politicians. The two political parties control the process. Are they going to allow themselves to be put out of business?

Cut welfare — javing jobs available, as Joe mentions, is key here. The government didn’t force the corporations to take the jobs out of the urban areas. The government didn’t force the companies to go overseas. The need for higher profits and cheaper goods made the jobs go away.

Yes, Joe, when Nancy Reagan said “just say no,” it was too simple.

Russ Griggs