To the Editor:

Joe Average spreads woe in his latest editorial. “Our country is a mess, worse than ever” (Jan. 12).

Really? Worse than the dark days at Valley Forge? Worse than the Great Depression? Worse than December 7, 1941? Worse than the Great Recession?

“Worse than ever” or worse than the last great challenge?

Coronavirus is still here. President Joe Biden said he would control it, former President Donald Trump said it would go away the day after the election. Vaccines and boosters would protect us, “but it now appears these are only tools for the elite to keep us shut down.” Vaccines and boosters have protected over 90% of those who opted to take them to prevent severe illness and being hospitalized, placed in the ICU, and dying. Are they perfect, no. Better than the misery suffered by so many that could have been avoided, yes. Better than the lives shortened by the virus, yes. Perfect, no. Never will be.

Inflation is getting worse, yes. It would have gotten worse regardless of who was in power. Billions and billions in increased medical costs alone add to inflation. Supply chain problems and workers able to demand higher wages due to the market add to inflation. Poor business decisions like failing to secure an adequate supply of chips result in shortages that drive up prices. The President cannot spend a dime that has not been appropriated by the Congress. Huge tax cuts lead to increased deficits and inflation. The majority of current government spending induced inflation is a result of previous administration spending and tax reductions.

The evil left controls Congress and will not work with anyone. Unlike the right who couldn’t work with themselves when they controlled everything in Congress for two years let alone work with the evil left. The left can’t work with themselves either.

“Worse than ever?” Not even close, Joe. Challenges, yes. Many. Hope for the future, yes.

Russ Griggs