To the Editor:

Last week, like most of the world, I watched the live televised riots inside and outside the Capital building in Washington, D.C. The House and Senate were in session and lawfully reporting this country’s Electoral College vote in order to procedurally and officially name Joe Biden as the next President of the United States of America.

I reflected on the large number of people — it looked like thousands — needing to challenge the results in their honest belief that incumbent President Donald Trump had won the 2020 election. From the television footage you could see that the goal of the rioters was to violently break in and stampede the Capital building to stop the business of the House and Senate.

My understanding is that when a large herd of horses stampede, something “spooks” them to escape what they fear. Trump supporters seemed spooked beyond fear and rage and, on mass, broke the law with violent and treasonable behavior. The question for all Americans is what set off the spook to cause law-abiding citizens to riot?

I have spoken to local Republicans who expressed fear and, in some cases, real distress about election fraud, outcome and the country’s future. Their fears of a Democrat (Biden) in the White House are:

Fear of being a socialist nation. Reason, people on welfare do not want to work, have babies to receive government checks, and are living off people’s hard-earned tax dollars. Also, diverting more tax dollars to unnecessary welfare causes will hinder economic growth; fear of the country being over-run by minorities and immigrants with equal and economic rights. Reason, this nation must remain ethnically white, as intellectually superior Europeans built this country to greatness; Fear of the loss of “religious freedom” and the challenge to “right to life” doctrine. Reason, although the Constitution mandates the division of church and state, political leaders must support Evangelical involvement in government. Fear of restrictive new laws challenging individual freedom particularly the right to bear arms (guns) for sport and person and property protection. Reason, the Constitution states that every citizen has the right to bear arms to defend themselves.

Horse owners will tell you: a spooky horse is dangerous to ride. The Capital riots showed a dangerous time for our country. I will close with Benjamin Franklin, “Where liberty is, there is my country.”

Joy Potthoff

Bowling Green