To the Editor:

I read your article about U.S. Rep. Bob Latta and immigration (Latta language protested, Nov. 24). I can offer some light on this topic. I was an immigration civil surgeon, which means that I did the intake physical exams on people trying to become citizens of this country.

I began doing the intake exams in 1987 and continued doing them until the Donald Trump administration. I probably did some 5,000 exams.

As is well known, the former president had a hard stand against immigration from non-European countries. He made it hard to enter the country, but this tactic did not slow the rates of immigration much. As a result, the Trump administration decided to reduce the number of civil surgeons, thus bottle-necking the immigration process at both ends.

The agency that handled the civil surgeon end of the process contacted me about their intent to revoke my civil surgeon status, saying that I had to prove that I had been in practice for at least four years. I pointed out that I had been doing CIS exams since 1987, but this was not sufficient. I complied with every request they made, but that was not sufficient either. I still have the paper work for inspection. Hence, my civil surgeon status was revoked — though I could pay $675 dollars and file an appeal. But, being no indication that my appeal would be granted and I would still be out the $675, I could see the handwriting on the wall, so I did not appeal.

In light of the above, I consider Latta’s response to La Conexion sadly laughable. I don’t think that Latta really cares about immigrants despite what he says.

If La Conexion wants to improve the lot of immigrants, its members must vote Republican lawmakers out of office, beginning at the local and state levels and continuing on to national levels. Otherwise, if Trump becomes president again and the Republicans gain control of Congress, immigrants are out of luck.

W.E.Feeman Jr. M.D.

Bowling Green