To the Editor:

Treason, Donald J. Trump. Treason, I say.

You almost took down our democratic republic — you and your Republican enablers. You almost did what no foreign power has ever been able to do. You call yourselves “patriots,” but patriots defend our great country, not destroy it. For what you did in trying to make Trump “president for life” and trying to maintain your grip on power, you all should be tried for treason, beginning with the dictator wannabe (Trump).

I’ll tell you who the real patriots are: they are the people marching in the streets for Black Lives Matter; they are the ordinary people who are helping hand out food to those in need; they are the physicians, nurses, other medical care people, first line responders, essential workers, and all of the other Americans who have put their lives on the line to help their fellow Americans.

Under Trump and the Republican enablers, one American in every 1,000 Americans has died of coronavirus. Most of those were needless deaths, and Trump and his Republican enablers have blood on their hands.

To those who would still vote for this sociopath, I would say that Trump is playing with your brain — to his advantage. The brain can be described as the primitive brain (diencephalon and brain stem) that covers basic bodily functions, the emotional brain (limbic system) that controls the primitive brain, and the rational brain (neocortex) that controls the primitive brain. (Concept by P.D.Maclean,MD)

Trump is stirring up your emotional brain to shut down your rational brain so that you have his back — though he does not have your back — and will keep him in power. And when he no longer needs you, you will be hung out to dry.

In my opinion, the only way out is to throw Trump and his Republican enablers out of office. Otherwise our democratic republic will be a thing of the past.

W.E.Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green