To the Editor:

President Donald Trump honors our law enforcement, emergency personnel and military members with fake lip service. During his campaign, Trump boasted proudly about paying nothing in taxes. But tax revenues ensure our police officers, emergency workers and military men and women, who face untold dangers every day will get paychecks, healthcare, vacation time, retirement funds or the ability to support their families.

Trump’s trademark speeches capitalize on venomous words that intensify pain and bitterness, blame others and stoke the flames of civil divisiveness. Don’t Biblical teachings warn how vitreous words shall condemn us to the pit of hell? How could anyone, especially a believer surrender to Trump’s uproar?

As financial stewardship is another fundamental, religious principle our police officers and military members can thank Vice President Joe Biden and Senator Kamala Harris who do pay their fair share in taxes. Biden and Harris also offer repeated gratitude to our military and public service heroes who respond in our most desperate hour.

If Trump or his Christian supporters feel this message is untrue then why fight tooth and nail, and vote, to keep the Trump family tax returns hidden away in the dark?

Will our elected leaders ever again attempt to build bridges?

Ruben Miller