To the Editor:

I write in support of the most qualified candidates for the Perrysburg Board of Education seats in the Nov. 2 election, Eric Benington, Sue Larimer and Lori Reffert.

I have had the pleasure of working with each of these individuals over the last several years of my career as principal of Perrysburg High School.

When Benington was first appointed to the board I only knew of his reputation as the treasurer for several levy campaigns. He was extraordinarily qualified for this position given his background and integrity. I grew to know him as a parent of students at the high school and a caring, thoughtful leader on the school board. He was regularly seen talking about his role as a school board member to our Teaching Professions classes and helping in a variety of capacities in his children’s activities.

Larimer ran in her first election as a champion of school spending reform, as have many previous candidates who were elected to the board. Larimer, and her reform-minded predecessors, found that the district operates on a very tight budget. They have discovered that new methods of saving tax dollars are constantly sought and implemented in an effort to be stalwart guardians of the community’s funds. During her tenure, she has not been afraid to ask questions, knowing she does not have all of the information. Yet, she also seeks out answers beyond the Perrysburg district to be as informed as possible when making decisions and not creating “facts” based on hearsay or her imagination.

My experience with Reffert has been as a parent of her two sons at the high school. Reffert was an advocate for both of her children. During conversations and meetings we often did not agree on every course of action. Unlike some parents, though, Reffert recognized that she and the high school both had the best interests of her children in mind when making decisions. We worked together to support her boys and create solutions that worked for each of them. She will bring a tremendous perspective to the schools as a parent and as a practitioner.

These three are unequivocally the best choice for kids.

Michael P. Short

retired Perrysburg High School principal