To the Editor:

Now that the Republican nightmare is over and the Trump/Republican attempt to take over our democratic republic and install Donald Trump as a dictator (“president for life”) is gone, I would like to add one (hopefully) last comment.

All of the Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans of European descent could not halt the tyranny of the Republicans. It took the Americans of African descent to swing the control of government to the Democrats and save our democratic republic. The descendants of slaves saved our democratic republic. Isn’t that ironic? Think about that when you think about Black Lives Matter. (I am aware that all lives matter.)

I have not been wrong in anything that I have written about Trump and the Republican leadership during the last four years — and I am not wrong now.

As to the coronavirus pandemic, I believe that once we get all of the vulnerable people vaccinated and have sufficient supplies of mono-clonal antibodies (from Regeneron) available for breakthrough cases, we can open up the country for good. Why not? Younger people with COVID-19 tend not to get very sick from the virus — some will die, but most will not, especially if the breakthrough cases can get the Regeneron antibody therapy like Trump did. Rather it’s the younger people spreading the virus to older people (such as parents and grandparents), who will then die.

To achieve this possibility, all of the vulnerable population must get vaccinated and all of us must wear masks. Ignore the rubbish about COVID-19 not being anything to worry about — over 400,000 Americans are dead. Ignore the rubbish of the anti-vaxers. All vaccines have side effects, but the COVID-19 virus’ “side effects” are far worse.

I have already had my first vaccine dose and I will certainly get my booster dose in a couple of weeks, as eventually will my wife and children and their spouses. I wear a mask — so should you. We can put an end to this pandemic and get back to a relatively life, but only if we all work together and do the right thing.

W.E. Feeman Jr., MD

Bowling Green