To the Editor:

There are very real and very serious risks associated with taking the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccines have embarrassingly failed in their promise to protect those who take it and to curtail the disease’s spread. (Thus, we end up with a seemingly never-ending series of “boosters.”)

The most vaccinated countries are now seeing the highest infection and death rates. To anyone willing to look beyond the prevailing narrative of CNN and “The View,” there is evidence that these jabs are life-altering poisons for many people. People are panicking over a real but vastly overblown chimera being promoted for the sake of profit and political leverage.

The country would be better off today if the disease had been allowed to run its course and just treated as we already do the yearly flu.

As Thomas Jefferson said in his day,“ Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into a polluted vehicle.”

Even some doctors are apparently reluctant or unable to access data that others have no problem finding. Sadly, many people with advanced education still choose to remain willfully ignorant of a truth rather than seeking that truth and admitting their error when they find it.

In other news, Kyle Rittenhouse was rightly acquitted of all charges. After a summer of mob rule in Minneapolis, Kenosha and elsewhere, I had begun to wonder if there were any men of heart, courage, integrity and love for their communities left in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

My hope for America has been restored. The left worships its thugs, but the rest of us support true patriotism and place our trust in the Lord Jesus Christ, not Anthony Fauci.

John Randall

Bowling Green