To the Editor:

I’ve known Joel Kuhlman for years and Wood County would be fortunate to have him as judge.

He grew up in rural Wood County, the son of an educator and an engineer. He graduated from Eastwood and through scholarships and part-time jobs, worked his way through engineering and law school. Instead of leaving Wood County after law school, in pursuit of more money, he stayed home, joined a local law firm, started a family and served the community.

You know Kuhlman from his time on the school board, city council and county commission. You know he served us with integrity, demonstrated Wood County values and utilized the principles of fairness, level-headedness and common sense to guide decision making.

A testament to his character and decision making ability is the men and women who know the court the best – the attorneys who practice in the court.

They recently evaluated the candidates for judge and by a nearly 2-1 margin more attorneys highly recommend Kuhlman for judge than his opponent. Even more interesting, nearly twice as many attorneys gave his opponent a “Not Recommended” rating than gave Kuhlman that low rating.

You know you can count on Kuhlman to be fair and balanced as judge. The men and women who know the court feel the same way.

Gordy Heminger

Former Bowling Green councilman