To the Editor:

In response to Oct. 23 opinion “Abortion is a woman’s decision-period,” the writer objects to the government controlling a woman’s freedom to choose whether to continue or terminate her pregnancy. She doesn’t mention that our Constitution guarantees life to each person especially the vulnerable and weak.

She says she believes that God creates life at conception. She doesn’t mention that each life God creates is precious to him and he has a purpose for that person She doesn’t mention that God has given us commandment (not options) one of which states that we must preserve and protect life. God gives life and only God has the right to end it.

Many women choose abortion out of fear, coercion or lack of knowledge of their options. There are organizations that give free support to women with unplanned pregnancy, helping them explore all their options and providing emotional and material support during pregnancy and after. Those recipients have shown gratitude for the opportunity shown to them to support life.

Kathleen Miller