To the Editor:

On Nov. 2, voters in the Bowling Green City Schools District will have the opportunity to renew a 0.05 % income tax levy and convert it to a continuing levy.

There will be no increase in taxes. This is not a new tax. It is a renewal of an income tax levy which has been approved by the voters every five years since 1992.

This income tax levy is the only source of funding for the operation of our schools that is not continuing. If it is converted to continuing status, we will have the security of knowing that the funding is there for the daily operation of our schools.

This is significant for at least two reasons. First, it allows the schools to plan and budget for current and future operations. Second, it will allow access to taxpayer voted funds. The passage of the continuing income tax levy would free up these funds which are in reserve. They are in a bank account guarding against the possibility that the voters would reject a renewal. It makes good sense to make these funds available for educational purposes.

The League of Women Voters recently came out in strong support of the passage of the income tax levy and gave a very detailed and well-reasoned explanation for their position. I would encourage everyone to read that endorsement.

To summarize, if the levy passes, the advantages would be:

• No new taxes

• The ability to budget and plan without fear of loss of funding

• Freeing of money from the reserves to be used for educational purposes

With this vote of confidence and the availability of additional funds, the Bowling Green City Schools board would be in a position to take the necessary steps to continue to address the needs of education.

Norman Geer

president, board of education