To the Editor:

Recently, I was at the grocery store and ran into an old friend. During our conversation, we brought up our own children. She asked me where my kids went to school. I responded with, “Otsego.” Immediately she said, “Consider yourself blessed.”

That comment resonated with me as it’s been a hectic year for parents, administrators, teachers, coaches, bus drivers, cooks, and students. The list goes on and on. So with that being said I wanted to take the time to show my appreciation.

I’m blessed that my kids go to school where the administrators have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety of their students so they could attend school full time since August.

I’m blessed that the custodial staff makes the buildings in tip top condition with endless cleaning in order to make this happen.

I’m blessed that our children have teachers that love them like their own.

I’m blessed that the varsity level coaches are committed to their programs as I have seen them at weekend, youth sporting events.

I’m blessed that we can still follow all of the athletic events on Otsego TV. In so many ways, I’m blessed that all four of our kids are Otsego Knights.

Lindsay Kramer

Bowling Green