To the Editor:

Can anyone familiar with the last four years before the pandemic seriously believe that so many more Americans voted for Joe Biden than Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama because they think Biden is going to make America great again? Aren’t people watching what’s going on in California and New York? Haven’t they listened to anything Biden has said?

Here’s what the country is now facing, none of it any good for the economy or world peace:

1. The Biden-Sanders Unity Manifesto

2. The Green New Deal — because the Democrats believe that climate change is an “existential” threat (?)

3. A tsunami of regulations to comply with the Paris Accords

4. The Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Program which mandates low income housing in the suburbs.

5. The Hunter Biden scandals which the legacy media covered up before the elections

6. Amnesty for 25 million illegal aliens and relaxed border security — whose primary victims are the poorest black Americans according to the U.S. Civil Rights Commission

7. The assault on small businesses — especially restaurants — using the pandemic as an excuse.

8. Re-entering the Iran deal which will resume pressure on Israel

I urge people to follow the Fraser Institute index of Economic Freedom which correlates with prosperity. Under President Barack Obama’s stifling regulations, higher taxes and contempt for business owners, the index fell from 9th place in the 2008 report to 18th place in the 2012 report before ending at 16th place in the 2016 report.

In four years of Trump, who reversed everything Obama did, this year’s report had the U.S. at fifth place. That explains the booming jobs economy we had before the pandemic.

Watch what happens next. It won’t be pretty for those at the bottom end of the income scale who had made such strides before the pandemic.

Mario Goveia