To the Editor:

President Joe Biden’s problem is not his age, but his ideology and comprehension.

A former non-partisan White House stenographer from 2002-18, Mike McCormick, has said Biden has half the cognitive abilities he used to have. We all saw that for ourselves during the curious presidential campaign.

Starting on day one, the new president has unleashed a barrage of executive orders that seem to favor everyone but us.

1. Put tens of thousands of Americans out of work by canceling the Keystone Pipeline for no objective reason.

2. Put the interests of Transgendered Americans ahead of women.

3. Put the interests of illegal aliens ahead of Americans, especially Blacks.

4. Implicitly invited more refugees to come, by attacking the wall and immigration policies.

5. Put the interests of the WHO, UN, OPEC, Russia, China and Venezuela ahead of America’s energy independence

In less than a week. It’s going to be a long four years.

Mario Goveia