To the Editor:

This letter has been long overdue. Most are aware of a group called BG VOICE. Many misconceptions are out there about this group. I have heard everything from “just a mob of angry moms” to “just a group of angry Republicans.”

While I am sure we do have a lot of angry moms and many of them might be Republicans, this group should not be classified in those ways. I know this because I am the founder and creator.

I remember every detail of the first board meeting I listened to back in October. I listened to it in the car during my son’s soccer practice. I waited with such anticipation to hear the superintendent and board reveal plans for our kids to go back to school.

Like many, I was shocked when the decision for us was to stay remote and the reasons they were giving as to why we needed to do this, even though surrounding schools were going back.

I got out of my car and spoke to the other parents. Many of them had not heard the news yet. Listening to these parents explain to me why their kids should be back in school was heartbreaking and I decided in that moment I was not going to just complain, I was not going to be helpless. I was going to take action.

That night BG VOICE was formed. It grew so fast. I think so many parents, grandparents and community members wanted to be heard and the group was providing an outlet. Upon setting up the Facebook group it was important for me to keep this positive. I did not want this group I created to be something I am not. I mean it when I say I have no hidden agendas here. I just want to have the choice as a parent to send my kids to school.

It is hard to stay positive when you witness logic ignored. When you know the absurdity of not allowing kids in school, but they can play sports with no issues. When the experts advice is ignored. I have learned the hard way this is what happens with un-checked power. I would ask those “keeping our kids safe” What is your agenda? Sadly our community has been divided, are we OK with this? A garden does not thrive with weeds.

Jessica Swaisgood

Bowling Green